Google Is Going All In With AI

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted May 10, 2018 at 8:00PM

Google wants to blur the line between artificial intelligence (AI) and humans. It wants to have both seamlessly working together to better our lives.

If it wasn’t already obvious, Google once again hit the nail on the head during its annual Google I/O developer conference. This is Google’s biggest event of the year.

During the conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai couldn’t stop talking about AI. Google has a massive impact on the tech market. And when other companies get wind of what it has up its sleeve, you better believe those companies will follow.

The company has been morphing into an AI-heavy company over the past few years. But now, it’s even more obvious that AI will be fueling Google’s ecosystem.

AI will be important to Google’s future. And that means it’ll be very important for the entire tech market’s future, too.

Google's first step is to get AI and the world to interact in a more natural way...

Meet Your New Assistant

Google Assistant will be easier to talk to. Not only easier but also more personable and natural. Users will be able to pick from six new voices for their Google Assistants. And one of those voices will include John Legend’s voice.

No one wants to feel like they're talking to a robot. I know I don’t. And that's why Google is perfecting its assistant’s voices.

If it’s fun to talk to a voice assistant, then you’ll want to use it more. The company is using WaveNet to make these new voices more realistic and to perfect accents and languages from all around the world! By the end of 2018, Google Assistant will be available in 30 different languages.

Not only will you not be talking to a robot, but you’ll also be able to have a natural conversation!

Your New Doctor

Google will soon have the ability to track and help prevent cardiovascular diseases. AI will be in tune with a person’s body — which will help in preventing the disease from worsening before a patient is even diagnosed. Imagine the possibilities with AI for preventing other diseases!

Changes Coming to Gmail

There's also going to be a new feature in Gmail that’ll use machine learning to predict words that a user plans to type — not only words but also entire phrases. Now, that time-consuming email you’ve been avoiding can basically write itself!

This feature will also be available when writing text messages.

These are only a few of the announcements that Google touched upon during this year's conference. What you need to take away from all this is that Google is going full force with AI.

It wants the world to seamlessly interact with AI, so it'll become a natural part of our everyday lives. So eventually, we won’t even notice that we’re talking to a virtual assistant (VA) anymore.

This breakthrough technology will change the tech market forever. And it's all just getting started.

Everyone wishes that they could have the opportunity to be a part of something life-changing, to be a part of history, and to make a lot of money.

Well, I have some good news for you. That opportunity is here — it's happening at this very moment. And you have the chance to be a part of something revolutionary if you begin investing in AI today.

Be a part of history, take the chance... and make some money!

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