Reaching the Summit With Charles Mizrahi

Written by Matt Harrison
Posted September 10, 2018

As I've mentioned in previous articles, I'm both a fan and a student of Charles Mizrahi's work.

And if you're reading Park Avenue Digest, you probably are, too.

So, today, I thought we'd look at some of his greatest hits and the ones that have yet to come. Walk with me as we stroll through the life of the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Park Ave himself: Charles Mizrahi.

If you've read his book Hitting Wall Street's "Fat Pitch" you'll already know that Charles rose from humble beginnings. He began his career on Wall Street at the tender age of 20. He'd had to borrow money from his grandmother just to get a piece of the action.

He quickly rose through the ranks and out of the trading pits. And it wasn't long before Charles started his own investment company: Hampton Investors Inc.

And in 1988, Charles' small company made the front page of the New York Times business section for the feat of portfolio-protecting heroism that could have been called law ruck, financial expertise, or some incredible mixture of the two.

You see, at the time, Hampton Investors was big into market timing. The company successfully moved their clients' portfolios in and out of the market to avoid downturns.

Charles usually moved the client portfolios about 13 times a year. But on October 6, 1987, Charles had been examining some charts and trends and decided to move all his clients' money out of stocks and into cash.

Two weeks later, the Dow Jones dropped by a staggering 22% in a single day. And that sent stock markets worldwide into chaos. That crash would later be called "Black Monday," or "Black Tuesday" — depending on the time zone.

Regardless, because of Charles' finesse, Hampton Investors emerged from Black Monday unscathed. He was one of the only investors who saw the crash coming, and he saved his clients millions of dollars.

Hampton Investors perfectly weathered that crash. And Charles' once-tiny company became the No. 1 market timer not only in the U.S. but also globally for seven years straight.

A few years later, Barron's ranked Charles Mizrahi as the No. 1 money manager in America for three consecutive years.

But Charles hasn't been resting on his laurels since then. That's not him. He's a go-getter and is still absolutely ripping it. He's been featured in Barron's, MarketWatch, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and on CNBC.

It's because when it comes to making money, this guy's relentless. Charles just keeps getting better at making money.

And that moneymaking prowess comes from being where the action is. He has an insider's insight into everything from Wall Street investment summits to the burgeoning tech bubble in Israel.

Charles Mizrahi learned by attending conferences, seminars, and visiting the companies and also talking to the management. He understands that the only way to find the next big darling on Wall Street is to be in the room where it happens.

So, mark your calendar. On September 27th, Charles is giving you the opportunity to sit in on a FREE webinar to discuss strategies, long-term investments, and the next big moneymaking moves.

I've recently talked to Charles, and he's very excited to share his secrets and market forecasts with you. And it sounds like he has a few companies to tell you about that could net you triple-digit gains.

If you're even half as excited as I am for this summit, you should definitely enroll. Within the next few weeks, you'll receive an invitation to join. You won't want to miss out on this.

Invest well,

Matt Harrison
Contributing Editor, Park Avenue Digest

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