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Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted September 27, 2018

You subscribed to Park Avenue Digest because you're interested in learning about the different types of investing opportunities out there. Trust me, they're vast and come in all shapes and sizes.

Stop me if I'm wrong to assume this, but I'm sure you don't want to learn about just any type of investment. You want to learn about the investments that'll make you money.

Whether your ultimate goal is to become the next millionaire, pay off your debt, or create a retirement cushion that you can live on for the rest of your life, there's one common denominator when investing. And that's making more money than you started with.

But when most people think about investing, they're intimidated by the concept. And that's probably one of the biggest hurdles those people need to overcome. After all, you won't become a millionaire by letting your emotions get the best of you.

I'm saying this from experience. I was one of those people who were intimidated by the idea of investing and the stock market. I didn't know where or how to begin. And I didn't want to make a mistake or live with any regret.

The only regret that I have now is that I didn't start investing sooner. You don't want to be me! Don't regret that you didn't invest sooner — or worse, not take the opportunity to invest at all...

Finding the Right Investing Opportunity

Believe me, there are investing opportunities all around us. That wasn't put into perspective for me until I started working with my colleague Charles Mizrahi. And the more I worked with him, the more I realized that he's constantly on the lookout for the next big opportunity.

It seemed like it was ingrained in his brain to always find an opportunity from any given situation. I realized that it takes a lot of experience on Wall Street and firsthand investing to have this type of skill. After all, he built his own $200 million money management business from scratch. His clients included some of the biggest banks on Wall Street, like Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse.

These banks wouldn't have been clients if Charles didn't know what he was doing. His experience and client list have connected him with some of the greatest minds, companies, and investors across the globe...

Intel That'll Help You Earn Your Fortune

The insight and market intel he has is unbelievable. Every conversation that I have with Charles always amazes me.

The information that Charles is able to share with me is astounding. And his ability to explain it in a clear, concise way is what makes him stand out even more. He's had more than 35 years of experience on Wall Street and in New York City's world of finance. That's more than you could say for some of these so-called investment "experts." So, why pay attention to them?

Charles contacts range from heavyweight investors to billionaire asset managers. But his connections don't stop there. He has contacts in every single industry! And you best believe he's using those connections to get more insight into what's happening in some of the hottest industries today. These are industries that are on the verge of creating a tidal wave of profits for investors.

This is what Charles has done for years. And it's what he'll continue to do: finding the investing opportunities that'll make huge gains. I've learned a lot from working with Charles over the past two years. I no longer see investing as a challenge. I now see it as a chance to make my fortune and to begin building a retirement cushion that I can live on for way past my lifetime.

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Monica Savaglia

Monica Savaglia is Wealth Daily’s IPO specialist. With passion and knowledge, she wants to open up the world of IPOs and their long-term potential to everyday investors. She does this through her newsletter IPO Authority, a one-stop resource for everything IPO. She also contributes regularly to the Wealth Daily e-letter. To learn more about Monica, click here.

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