The Only Cancer Stock of its Kind

Written by Charles Mizrahi
Posted February 6, 2018

He didn’t look like a guy that just made $73 million.”

I didn’t get much sleep the night before. I was too excited.

I was going to meet the inventor of CAR T cell therapy the next morning. His technology to cure cancer is being called “revolutionary.”

Dr. Carl June of the University of Pennsylvania medical school said, “The whole cancer world is going to be changed forever.” And he wasn’t exaggerating.

CAR T uses the patient’s own T cells to attack the cancer, with very little to no side effects.

And so far, the results have been off the charts.

In lab testing to date, a stunning 94% of those suffering from an acute form of leukemia went into full remission after receiving the treatment, and this was after all other treatments had failed!

I’ve met many people in my career. But meeting the professor was in a different league.

I was about to meet a man whose work would save millions of lives. And that thought was very humbling.

The Man Behind the Cure?

I met the professor at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, the largest acute care facility in Israel, which treats over 400,000 patients a year.

I waited a few minutes in the hospital lobby for him to come down. The professor was giving a seminar to his staff, and I was told to wait.

When he stepped off the elevator, we shook hands and made our way to his office.

His shirt was untucked from his pants, and he appeared a bit disheveled. He was also a very modest man. He opened doors for others and said hello to everyone in the hallway.

When I tried to make small talk about what an honor it was to meet him, he shrugged it off.

He gave most of the credit to others. He referred to himself as a “PhD and a doctor of mice.”

Most of his career was spent trying out his theories on mice.

You would never have guessed that this was the man who was curing cancer.

If I saw him on the street, I could’ve easily mistaken him for a taxi driver.

A few months earlier, Kite Pharma was bought by Gilead Sciences for $12 billion. Professor Eshhar is on Kite Pharma’s scientific advisory board.

There was no way I would’ve known the professor made $73 million from the sale.

He wasn’t interested in talking much about the business side of CAR T cell therapy.

Of course, he was happy about the royalties and profits. However, he took most pride in how many lives it would save.

He told me he gets emotional each time someone whose life was saved by the treatment approaches him. “I’m dumbstruck,” he said.

There’s Still a Lot of Work to Be Done

Cancer continues to be on the rise all around the globe.

The pipeline for oncology drugs in clinical development has increase by more than 45% over the past decade.

Goldman Sachs values the immuno-oncology market at around $140 billion and growing.

Patients are dying, and they are dying now... so regulatory hurdles are lower.

Recently, Gilead Sciences and Celgene bought companies specializing in CAR T cell therapy.

Researches are starting to talk about a cure for cancer. And this time they are dead serious.

Cancer takes more than 8 million lives each year, and there are more than 14 million new cases each year.

What's the Cure for Cancer Worth?

One way to profit from this trend is to invest in a cancer immunotherapy ETF.

Loncar Cancer ETF (NASDAQ: CNCR) is a basket of companies that develop therapies to use the body’s immune system to attack cancer.

CNCR is made up of close to 30 companies in the immunotherapy field. Some will be winners, and most will just do OK.

It’s an easy way to invest in this growing new field that is backed by investors and regulators.

Another way is to invest in a company I’ve spent months researching.

And now it’s time to pull the trigger.

You see, the company’s stock has been one of the best-performing medical treatment companies on the market... with a stellar return of 349% in just two years.

But the run has just begun. After all, what’s a cure for cancer worth?

It’s priceless, in my opinion.

This company has the potential to become one of the biggest healthcare stocks ever.

And I want you to be a part of this history-making company.

The time to buy is right now before more gains are achieved.

All my best,

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