What You Need to Know About Your Retirement

Written by Charles Mizrahi
Posted March 2, 2018

“Half of all seniors count on social security for at least 90% of their income.”

I had mixed feelings.

He was a really nice guy, but he looked too old for this job.

Last October, I stopped at Walmart to pick up a few bags of topsoil.

I didn't know my way around Walmart, so I was grateful for the greeter standing at the entrance.

“Hey, pal, where can I find gardening?”

The greeter, a man who looked to be about 70 years old, smiled and pointed the way.

When I was leaving the store, I went over to thank him, and he smiled.

He had one of those faces that lit up when he smiled.

I started chatting with him. His name was “Jim,” and he was a retired schoolteacher.

He'd taught middle school history for close to 40 years.

“Jim, how’d you end up becoming a Walmart greeter?” I asked.

Walmart store frontJim’s smile melted from his face. “My wife got sick, and all of our savings went to doctors and hospitals. My Social Security checks and my monthly pension barely make ends meet.”

At that, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. Jim continued, “I took this job, so I'd have a little leftover at the end of each month. If it weren’t for this job, I don’t know how I’d manage.”

I shook his hand, and his smile returned. He had to get back to work: standing on his feet and greeting the Walmart customers who walked through the door...

Jim’s Story Is a Lesson to Be Learned by Everyone

I went home and started to spread out the topsoil in my yard. I took great pride in planting tulip bulbs each fall. It made me happy.

But raking the soil and getting on my knees to plant the bulbs wasn’t much fun this year.

I kept thinking about Jim...

How was it that a hard-working middle-class man who'd worked his whole life found himself standing on his feet for eight hours and saying, “Welcome to Walmart!” a million times a day?

Later on that day, I sat at my computer and did some research. I wanted to see if Jim was the exception or the rule. Do most people of retirement age have enough money to outlive their money?

What I found made me realize that Jim wasn't alone...

The three biggest fears that people over 50 years of age have about retirement are outliving their money, Social Security being reduced, and declining health that requires long-term care.

What Jim was going through seemed to be the norm.

For most seniors, Social Security benefits make up at least 90% of their income.


It really sucks getting old. But getting old and having no money sucks even worse...

But it doesn’t have to be this way...

Financial Independence Is Real Freedom

Nobody wants that kind of retirement or life.

When Jim was a teacher, I don’t think he thought that Walmart was where he’d end up.

But this is where he and so many others are right now.

If this sounds like you, you have to take action. You don’t have to end up like Jim.

Your reward for a life of hard work should be to enjoy the rest of your life without having to worry about money.

And that means investing wisely. The more money you have now will make a huge difference in where you’ll be in 20 to 30 years.

But even if you don’t have a lot of money, you still have a shot.

Because if you know how to make your money grow, you’ll be on your way to enjoying your golden years...

Let me show you what I mean: If you have $10,000 and earn 7% on that money over the next 10 years, you’ll end up with close to $20,000.

But if you were able to earn 20% on that money, you’d end up with $62,000!

Go ahead and play around with some numbers here — you’ll see what a difference a few percentage points can make.

The only thing that changed was your rate of return. That’s the power of investing wisely.

Consider this: Warren Buffett became one of the richest people in the world from growing his money at 19% a year. He didn’t swing for the fences. Instead, he made wise investments that continued to grow and grow and grow...

Consistency Is the Name of the Game

If you have a small nest egg and time, I can show you how to grow your money.

I’ve discovered a trading pattern in the stock market that’ll help you in growing your money.

I call the trading pattern “13W.” And it’s easy to identify once you know what to look for.

If you follow what I show you, you won't need to worry about your future.

I only want you to step into Walmart to shop — maybe when picking up a few bathing suits for a cruise to the Caribbean or some khakis for a hike in Alaska. There’s no reason why not.

Find out how this trading pattern works and how to start investing in the specific stock trades involved with "13W."

It’s simple and doesn’t take up much of your time.

But best of all, it works like a charm.

All my best,

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